Nutritional aspects in the prevention and treatment of hypertension

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Dietary therapy has been proven not only to the prevention of hypertension but also for their treatment. An interdisciplinary treatment of hypertension involves not only the prescription of pharmacological therapy but also changes in the diet, so that some nutrients are supplied by it, which is scientifically known that are directly related to the etiology and treatment of hypertension such as sodium and potassium. Diets such as the DASH diet offers a series of recommendations that promote the reduction of blood pressure, which are feasible and easy to reach and in conjunction with the change in lifestyle (physical activity, alcohol consumption, etc) to achieve improving the status of the hypertensive patient. Nutritional education programs should be promoted not only for treatment but also for its prevention, so that from an early age children and young people adopt healthy lifestyles and diets that promote not only the prevention of hypertension, but the emergence of chronic diseases.


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